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About us

The beginnings of the company reach back to 1994, when Mr Nikola Dajaković established a company for trade and transport, and from which the company of Dajaković d.o.o. /LLC/ as we know it today developed. Today, we operate six concrete factories that participate in many different projects throughout Central and South Dalmatia.
The majority of our work is based supplying concrete for residential, commercial, tourism-related and power facilities for contractors and investors from Croatia and abroad.



Dajaković d.o.o. produces different kinds of high-quality concrete in its factories. We offer concrete of various compressive strengths for different conditions of exposure – from concrete resistant to sea salt to concrete resistant to cycling freezing and thawing. In addition to the high standard of quality of the concrete we supply, we have also proven ourselves as reliable partners that apply qualities such as speed, flexibility and competence in business with our clients. We offer the following types of concrete

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We provide the service of transporting concrete for projects throughout Dalmatia. We pay particular attention to the timeliness of our deliveries and adherence to the agreed deadlines. In order to deliver your concrete to you on time, our company disposes of more than 30 concrete mixers. This allows us to satisfy even the most demanding of requests, both when it comes to shipping to several locations at once or continuously supplying large amounts of concrete to a single construction site. All orders are received by our central dispatcher, who then ensures the delivery of the concrete to the construction site from the nearest concrete factory.


We provide the service of concrete pumping from 11 concrete pumps with different boom lengths. If, in addition to concrete, you are also in need of pumping services with a concrete pump, your order will also be received by the central dispatcher, who will arrange the arrival of the concrete pump to your construction site with you.



By the end of year 2022, our company will begin to sell technical construction stone, such as concrete aggregates, buffer materials, etc. Exploitation will be carried out in our Osoje-Omiš quarry in Donji Dolac in accordance with technical regulations, while taking care of the environment, in order to meet the European standards. The quarry in Donji Dolac is a limestone quarry that has excellent physical and mechanical properties, which makes it extremely suitable for obtaining products that are used in the construction industry. The proximity of the A1 highway provides excellent traffic connections between the quarry and the city of Split and the Makarska Riviera.

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