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About us


The beginnings of the company reach back to 1994, when Mr Nikola Dajaković established a company for trade and transport, and from which the company of Dajaković d.o.o. /LLC/ as we know it today developed. Today, we operate six concrete factories that participate in many different projects throughout Central and South Dalmatia.

The majority of our work is based supplying concrete for residential, commercial, tourism-related and power facilities for contractors and investors from Croatia and abroad.


Our mission is to remain professional as we enrich lives and environments with our products, while at the same time working towards the benefit and satisfaction of our employees and investors.

The most important asset of our company is the quality of our products, which we are exceptionally proud of. We strive to further develop our company in the same direction.

Our individual approach is tailor-made to each customer, regardless of whether we’re dealing with a large corporation or a single person, and represents another indicator of our dedication and excellence in business.


Our vision is to build upon our long-standing tradition by investing in new technologies and delivery vehicles. Another important part of our vision is taking good care of our employees, as it is their hard work and competence that enables us to respond to our clients’ requests with services of the highest quality.

The company Dajaković d.o.o. aspires not only to become the leading manufacturer of concrete in the Republic of Croatia, but also to become a company that is renowned for its social responsibility, focus on the customer, environmental protection and sustainable development in harmony with the interests of the community at large.


These are the fundamental values that define us as a company – the values without which it would be impossible to achieve our Mission or bring our Vision to fruition. They can be summarised as follows:

  • Safety – our first and foremost priority. We are dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of our employees, developing sustainable solutions and demonstrating legal, ethical and social responsibility.
  • Focusing on the users of our products and their needs – the satisfaction of our customers, i.e. the users of our products is of the highest importance for us, which is why we have places them at the centre of attention in all of our processes and activities.
  • Social and ecological responsibility – this principle involves doing business in an economical way, which is how we reduce negative effects on the environment and establish a responsible relationship towards all participants in the environment by obtaining state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles.
  • Fairness – we pride ourselves in our conscientious approach to our customers, suppliers, employees and property.